Shot at the Sublime


Don’t we all have that burning feeling deep inside of something we want to do, who we want to be? But, there’s that little fear isn’t there. What about … them? We are all affected by the thoughts and feelings of those around us. And, we are all walking around in contagious states. Best to pick one you don’t mind spreading.
This poem is about what it feels like for me:

Once I took a walk down Hollywood and Vine
And it struck me
that this could be some grand time, all mine.

It was the kind of day that starts out navy,
turns periwinkle,
’til that pale yellow starts to heat things up.

It’s definitely the sun that throws it and I catch it,
because I’m that kind of girl.

I’m the kind that dreams golden dreams;
stoking them until they leave a warm, burnished feeling
on the cheeks of those passing by.
Radiant heating.

I see their flush.
They don’t know whether to be excited, or embarrassed
or jealous,
or to pray for my saving
because that’s what they think I need.
And I do

from their chilly thoughts.
Heaven knows I have trouble enough with my own.

So, there I was
on Hollywood and Vine,

headed for a ride on the Metro Line.
Burning for it.

Burning for the
freedom to do my thing,
to ride the groove train,
Burning for my shot at the sublime.

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2 thoughts on “Shot at the Sublime

  1. The center orientation reminds me of Gregory Corso’s “Bomb.” Totally different subject matter, but centering suits them both, and they’re both skewed and refreshing…

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