Welcome To My Green Room


Green rooms are where performers wait before going onstage. When giving a speech, we often inhabit an ’emotional green room’ where we wait in a nervous suspended animation until our name is called to begin our presentation.

There’s another kind of green room that refreshes and soothes. Here, I invite you to relax:

Close your eyes.
And have a seat in m green room.
See the forest all around?
Take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with the fresh and sweet.
Relax. You can smile. It’s been a while.

Lie down, reach out and touch the grass.
Feel that leaf there? Smell the bark from a nearby the tree?

Look up and see through branches to the sky.
Open wide and breathe the cool blue down deep.

Did I just launch your imagination?
A relaxing moment of creative contagion?
Feeling ready for some communication?
You’re on …

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