Welcome To My Green Room


A ‘Green Room’ is the name of a waiting room often provided for performers before they go out for a stage appearance or onto a live television show. Musicians, actors and dancers around the world are familiar with this space, which is typically bland, rarely green, and has its own flavor of anticipation or even anxiety.

When giving a speech, we often inhabit an ’emotional green room’ where we wait in a nervous suspended animation until our name is called to begin our presentation.

And, at work and home, many of us spend the hours of our days in dull, anxious or stressful ‘green rooms’ waiting to ‘go on’ to the special moments of our lives.

There’s another kind of green room that refreshes and soothes. Here, I made it virtual for you. I invite you in and ask you to share the experience.

Close your eyes.

And, have a seat in my green room.

See the forest all around?

Take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with the fresh and sweet.

Relax. You can smile. It’s been a while.

Reach out. Yes, now.

Touch the grass, feel that leaf there, the bark along the tree.

Look up and see through branches to the sky.

Open wide and pull the blue down deep inside.

Now, did I just launch your imagination?
Did we have a moment of creative contagion?
Pass it along …

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