We are infinitely creative …

DESIGN CJ painting mix creation 6 copyWe humans are busy creating the world every moment … of every day … from the moment we are born until the moment we die. 

It starts with a perception, a thought, an idea, a conclusion, which leads to an action or inaction. That is how we individually and collectively create the human experience. It’s fun. It’s heavy. It’s who we are. 

We choose our playgrounds, tools, teams, and boundaries, but consciously mastering our role and capacity as creators can make all the difference.

Wondering –

What are you creating with your day today?

Where are you spending your time?

Are are you focusing your attention?

Where are you focusing it?

What are you assuming? history, qualities, anticipated outcomes, others’ opinions, availability of resources …

Are you solving a problem? What? Have you clearly defined it?

Are you solving a problem or a symptom?

Do you trust your conclusions?

What do you want to achieve in the long-term?

Do you feel good about what you are or want to bring into the world? Does it make you feel like a hero?

Do you have a clear goal?

Do you trust that this is the right goal?

Do you trust that you are the right person?

The more deeply you dive into these questions, the more deeply effective you can be.

It’s easy to minimize the importance of taking a moment to step back and assess. But, that moment, can make all the difference in your direction and success as a creator.

At a personal level, journaling can help you uncover and resolve beliefs and thoughts that get in the way of your creating what you want . If you aren’t into journaling, try talking with a mentor or friend.

Organizationally, try making it a team endeavor. ‘No judging’ as a ground rule is key to creating an open atmosphere for exploration and discovery. Save evaluating and decision-making for another conversation.

Don’t delay. A moment is gone in the blink of an eye. And, nothing beats looking back on a week, a job, a career, a lifetime of knowing that in general, you and others are happy with what you’ve made for the world…

… that you are happy about the world you have helped to create.




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