Public Speaking


Speaking comfortably and effectively to groups is like riding a bike – there’s a lot going on at the same time. Let’s break it down.

Where are you going? What are you trying to accomplish? It all starts there. Knowing and committing to a goal or mission is fundamental to getting anywhere you want to be.

Quality maps, complete with anticipated potholes, detours, and insight into fellow travelers is essential to reaching that destination. And, a good ride requires authentically integrating verbal and nonverbal communication. Why is your good ride important? Because if it’s not good for you, it probably won’t be for your audience. The point is to create a journey you’ll both have fun taking.

And, just like perfecting your balance on a bike, mastery requires getting on your feet practicing!

  • Strategy: Goal-orientation. Audience-focused strategies. Reducing mission to an essential, core message.
  • Audience: Using relevance to generate audience engagement. Discerning audience filters and point of view. Identifying expectations, influencers and motivators. Syncing knowledge and experience level.
  • Content: Based in strategy. Ensuring clarity, relevance, accuracy. Illuminating new/complex ideas. Personalizing knowledge, experience. Using story and media.
  • Trust and Authenticity: Being genuine, real, in unreal circumstances. Inhabiting one’s natural authority. Confidence. Influencing and buy-in.
  • Breath: Essential for calm, vitality, projection and vocal clarity. Stress relief.
  • 3-D Communication: Syncing message, vocal tone, and body language. Impact on trust and buy-in. Diction, clarity, projection, movement, vitality, expression.
  • Virtuality: Working with mic and camera. Delivery for podcasting, webcasting, visual conferencing, media interviews. Auditioning and acting.
  • Train the Trainer: Skills and technique for educating.

Available for:
Workshops, Classes, Break-Outs
Speaking Engagements

Coaching: Individual coaching. Develop, fine tune, evolve in a private setting. Available to help with preparation for a planned presentation or special event.

Small Group: Small group instruction and coaching. Explore the basics or choose a subject area for focus. Class level tuned to attendees’ experience, capacity and needs. Includes opportunities for extemporaneous speaking and may include individual, taped, 5-minute speeches with feedback. Maximum of 8.

Workshop: Large group instruction. Explore the basics or choose a subject area for focus. Classroom setting. Depending on length and size, may include time to personally coach a few attendees.

Small Group and Workshops available as Break-Out sessions for conference settings.

Speaking Engagement: Crafted and delivered for conferences and special events.

If you can’t write your message in a sentence, you can’t say it in an hour.

Diana Daniels Booker